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Mackinac Revealed shows your friends and family special, rarely seen Island locations, providing expert insights about past and present events, lifestyles and natural wonders. Experience the Mackinac few get to see, on foot, on bicycle or in a seated presentation. In addition to tours, Mackinac Revealed offers trip-planning services, arranging all Island needs from ferry, meals, hotel, carriage rides and historic sites.  Learn about the Island from a genuine, permanent resident whose family came to Mackinac as summer cottagers on the West Bluff in the 1800s.  With generations of perspective and insider expert knowledge, see the fabulous Victorian homes, stables, wildlife, wooded trails and incredible vistas. Hear about local personalities, the Native People, types of horses and carriages, the Great Lakes environment, area shipwrecks, special Island events, and living on Mackinac in the winter. Enjoy an inspirational excursion, leisurely walk, fun adventure on bikes, a scavenger hunt or a romantic tour geared to your interests, Gain a deeper appreciation for how the Island operates and remains a spectacular destination.

Tours leave from 1593 Cadotte Avenue. The meeting location is the Woodfill Bench (marble horseshoe-shape) just past the Gatehouse Restaurant as you walk towards the Grand Hotel. To purchase a ticket please visit the calander at the foot of the homepage on

Trip Advisor Quote:

My family and I have gone to the Island several times a summer for the last 20 or more years. We thought we knew the place. Well, in couple hours we were shown houses, trails, caves, and scenic lookouts that we had never seen before. Further, we learned the history behind everything we saw. The tour was enlightening, entertaining, and good exercise to boot. Moira told us that there are many more places to see so we are looking forward to taking another tour next summer. VERY IMPRESSIVE AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

-Harbor Springs, MI


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